The integrity of any masonry project is contingent on the mortar specified, which is the most integral component of the wall. For that reason, our factory preblended masonry mortars are certified to meet or exceed ASTM, UBC and IBC standards and ACI guidelines. SPEC MIX® mortars satisfy the critical plastic and hardened properties of quality mortar. SPEC MIX® mortars provide uniform consistency from batch to batch, allowing us the ability to duplicate the cement to aggregate ratio every time. This guarantees mortar with total quality assurance and optimal workability, which is crucial to a mason’s performance.

Every 3,000 lb bulk bag of SPEC MIX® mortar has a corresponding computer batch-ticket to confirm the mix meets the project specification. As part of the SPEC MIX® Quality Assurance Program, each plant submits material samples to independent testing labs verifying compliance to the all-applicable standards. Our detailed submittal package contains this information for your approval.

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