Foundation Blocks

Lightwight concrete blocks are the most widely used type of concrete masonry unit. They have square edges and smooth textures. State Block Inc. stocks a wide variety concrete block colors and textures, so you are sure to find a block that will enhance your project. The colors and textures have natural variations, adding an organic appeal to your wall or other structure.

We can customize your block order in various sizes and colors

8x8x16 Solid

3x8x16 Solid

16x4x24 Solid Pier Pad

4x8x16 Solid

2 1/4x8x16 Solid

8x8x8 Pile Block

2x8x16 Solid

16x4x16 Solid Pier Pad

8x8x16 Pile Block

*These Blocks are provided for reference only.

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